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Customer service is a skill

In a world where technology is growing at a rapid pace, the need for quality Information Technology (IT) has grown with it. IT, in one form or another, is an integral part of our lives. From your smartphone to your vehicle, IT can get you from point A to point B. If you’re reading this, then you probably already know the facts that I relayed in the previous sentences. What I want to share with you is the importance of great customer service in IT.

There has been, and continues to be, a divide between IT and the end-users they support. I am not merely speaking from knowledge, but from the standpoint of knowing how to service each individual end-user. Every end-users’ level of comprehension is different. What one end-user may be able to pick up right away, another end-user may need some additional assistance/instruction.

To provide great customer service, you should tailor your service to the end-user. Even if they do not comprehend the information right away, you will be starting them off in a good place to build from.

Many times, end-users do not want to ask IT for help. This could be for many reasons, but the most common reason could be best explained from the clip below:

In my experience, end-users tend not to ask IT for help because of the quality of customer service they receive, not due to the ability of the tech to solve their issue. While you should know what you are doing as a tech, how you resolve the issue is just as important as actually resolving it.

My approach to quality customer service has been the same since I started in the field: Treat every end-user like the most important person in the organization/company. Most people tend to do their best work when they are assisting someone in a top-tier position. If you treat everyone you assist this way, it guarantees that every end-user gets the best version of you. While utilizing this practice does not always result in an amicable outcome, the percentages will work in your favor. Combining this practice with a solid IT skill set will help you stand out from the pack.

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